Pre & Post Natal Training to Feel Good!

PregnancyLots of Energised clients seem to be pregnant right now so remember Head Coach Kim as advanced Pre and Post natal Training and can help support you before and after ….:-) 

A few thoughts for you to consider:

When you are pregnant your body weight will increase by 10-15kg, only around 4kg will be the baby, the rest will be the protective fluids etc.  It takes 68,000kcals to make a baby – this works out at only 300 extra calories a day. It is also perfectly safe to exericse during your pregnancy if you follow good, qualified advice.

So – if you are pregnant and would like to stay fit and healthy and promote the growth of a fit, lean baby contact us –

LOOK out for our pre and post natal small group training classes starting mid September 2010 – if you are interested let us know days and times that suit you by posting a comment – thank you!