A change of Perspective from EP Sports Therapist Gail…

One of our new Energised Sports Therapists, Gail shares her thoughts on changing your perspective, and finding a new passion, whilst looking after her body.  Well done Gail, brilliant.

Life is a funny old thing; you never quite know what’s around the corner. When I first started playing basketball socially a few years back I didn’t expect to go on to play for a local league team. I did know I was on borrowed time however as my Orthopaedic Consultant had already advised against high impact activity the year before. And yes, basketball is the worst sport I could have gone for but I do dearly love it.
This season I haven’t been able to play for my team at all due to my A-Level commitments (I am hoping to train to be a physio) but as it happens this isn’t a bad thing. Firstly it’s confirmed to me in no uncertain terms that I really shouldn’t play as often as I was with the team; my knees are so much happier now. Secondly, it’s freed up time for me to pursue my involvement with the game in another way. I recently passed my theory exam and practical assessments for my Level 3 Table Officiating qualification. While this is definitely exciting it’s also slightly terrifying as I now table Division 1 National League and who knows, in a few years time I may be tabling British Basketball League. Some of my colleagues are actually going to be tabling at the Olympics and Paralympics which is incredibly exciting. I personally can’t wait for the summer as I have tickets to see both sets of finals!

To book a Sports or Relaxation Massage or find out more about Basketball with Gail please text or call 07818 40426 or 07720 845849 – she has space on Saturdays between 9 – 1pm, from th 10th March at EP Clinic, 1`2 Harbury Road in Bristol.

Gail is also part of our Events Massage Team – if you would like us to look after your athletes at an Event please do let us know.