Just a quick thought…. and a ’29’ mini workout challenge!

Today is an extra special day – it only happens once every 4 years.

So Today I would like you to commit to making a change that will make a difference to YOU.

Step out of your comfort zones and into the MAGIC ZONE! And if you would like us to help you achieve success in the MAGIC Zone – be that in sport, life or business just ask – we have a Proven System to help you achieve just that.

Let us know what you choose to do…

If you think you don’t have Time – Remember how you choose to spend you Time is your Choice, so Choose to Spend it wisely.

If you don’t have the courage to do it, make the goals smaller so you absolutely have to do it & Believe in YOU.

And if you took yourself 4 years forward to 2016 & the next Leap Year, when you are ……..how old – what would you like to have achieved and how would you like to feel/look on the 29th Feb 2016?

Just  a few questions to provoke some thought!

Happy Leap Year! Make it COUNT – do something crazy, that excites you & Stretches you into the MAGIC ZONE!

ps. Workout for the evening: 29 Burpees, 29 Press Ups, 29 Crunches, 29 Squat Jumps, 29 Dorsal Raises, 29 Side Plank Raises, 29 Shuttle Runs – repeat 2-3 times! Enjoy 🙂