8th December – Energised Advent ‘Big Hairy Goals for 2012….’!

Good Morning!!

Firstly a MASSIVE Happy 21st Birthday to my Super Gorgeous, Talented Future Fashion Designer Sister, Rosie – you are the BEST!

8th December – Energised Dare you to set some BIG HAIRY GOALS for 2012……yes, YOU reading this – Go for IT!

Watch the 8th Dec Energised YOUTube Clip:http://youtu.be/vjmV67-9DOM

DO: 30mins of brisk walking/running/cycling & a 20min strength/core session.

Today’s Advent Goal:

BIG HAIRY GOALS for 2012! Really dare you to set some BIG Hairy Goals for 2012 – the ones you keep talking about, or maybe just thinking about in your head! These ones, write them down – max of 5 for the year and then tell 2-3 people, or comment (even more accountable!).

I know that you can make it happen, if you just commit, really want it and believe that it could happen. Dare you…. I am going to do the same.Eek – exciting!

Set them around all areas of your life  not just fitness – but if it is fitness, wellbeing, charity challenges or mental strength we can help you!

Remember .… anything is possible, you just need to begin, be consistent and commit… 🙂

Today’s Inspired Thoughts

“….’Dance ‘like everyone is watching, be YOU.  Then teach everyone to ‘Dance’ and Be happy in Themselves”. NLP Conference 2011

What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
— Zig Ziglar

“Trust that still, small voice that says, This might work and I’ll try it.”
— Diane Mariechild

Today’s Offers & Friends:

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Dax Moy – Magic 100 Goal Setting Book – Check it out if you want to make a difference in 2012 http://www.themagichundred.com/

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Check this out if you have not already! In Kilter Fitness Advent Challenge – Stuart is an awesome PT, check out his daily YOUTube for a Festive Challenge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r36mi56OqX8&feature=youtu.be

Done TODAY …… Put £1 – 5 in a piggy bank for YOU as a reward, and £1-5 in www.teamhannah.com or any other charity pot you would like to support :-)

Do this daily and you can treat yourself at the end, and have given someone back to help someone else this Christmas time. Let us know how you get on!

Remember to check back tomorrow for the 9th December’s Advent Thought and if you want to view the other doors just visit previous Blogs – lots of top tips, offers and more – Happy Festive Time!

Anything you would like in our Advent Calender next week just let us know – it will have an INTENSIVE Energised Fitness Theme :-)