#SundayThought: A few words on ‘perspective’

A few words on the subject of ‘perspective’ by Mike from Nutcessity

“When was the last time you thought you had everything you need?

I find life pretty trying sometimes. Living as a small business owner in Bristol is practically the definition of ‘freedom’, but as I’m gradually learning, the reason I’m not always happy is having a lack of perspective. When I’m entering awards, checking the number of ‘likes’ on Instagram posts or seeing STACKS of other nut butter brands in the supermarkets, my conscience asks the questions: ‘What next? How? When will you arrive?’ until my brain frazzles into a dried chickpea.

I started my brand for many reasons. Initially, it was ‘Mike’s Nuts’, based in Warwick, before I curled up into a shell and got off on the hard shoulder. When I was accepted to be a ‘Team Leader’ for the voluntary programme: the ‘International Citizen Service’ with Raleigh International 4 years ago, I felt too young and out of my depth.

My goodness. Tanzania, my team, and Raleigh as organisation, changed me completely and gave me the confidence I needed to start the business I’d be thinking about starting for years previous. Having fundraised the requisite dollar, I took flight in January 2016 and began a 4 month cross-cultural learning experience that was government-funded (i.e. free) & full of training, alongside my two fantastic counterparts. Check out www.volunteerics.org.

Back in the UK in May, my world seemed changed: I seemed to have everything. I had a power shower. I had clean underwear. I had family & friends around me who loved me and I loved back. I didn’t need anything else. Of course I would start a nut butter business. I’d made a promise in Tanzania, anyway!

When I re-visited the village I lived in just last week, perspective came back. I feel so much fresher after taking my first holiday since starting Nutcessity in August 2016. Suddenly, my health is way more important than finding a new stockist.

What point do you ‘arrive’? What amount of money makes you happy? Do you have everything you need? These questions are utterly irritating and wholly incomprehensible when we live the way we do, but I think I’m understanding that they’re malleable, too. As a little exercise, my Team Leader counterparts and I sat down last week and answered the question: ‘If you were 100 years old and had to give advice to your 10-year-old Grand-Daughter, what would you say’? The wisest thing that came up was as follows:

‘Live life at every age’. It’s easy to think the most important thing is planning for the next 5 years, but the future, and happiness, is also in the here and now.”




Love this Mike, thank you for sharing 🙌❤

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