#MondayMotivation: What is your intention this month?

I wonder what your Intention is for the month?
It’s all too easy to rush ahead & forget the Now. So pause, take a moment this weekend and write down…
⭐️3 key decisions you are going to make – perhaps one mindset/thought, one wellness habit and one bigger life/work goal… share if you’re feeling brave for Support
⭐️3 clear actions you will commit to making happen consistently every week for the next 6 weeks and WHY this matters to you
⭐️the outcome of making these decisions and committing to these changes will allow you too achieve success…. and move further towards your inner confidence and super powers
Let me know your intention for this month, what you decide, commit and intend to succeed, make sure you are excited by it, and if there’s a little Fear that’s okay too
And remember … if you are too busy right now to make a change, is it good busy or a distraction from being brave and making the change?
Big support Kim and the Team ⭐️
Look out for the Summer Edit of Inner Core Confidence, 6 weeks to help you find a happier, healthier, more energised you. This programme is different because you will start to FEEL and think differently, you will stand a little taller, breathe a little deeper. Your energy will start to improve, your skin and eyes will brighten, your body will start to want to move and become stronger, and you will start to believe in YOU.
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