#ThursdayTherapy: Training for Events…

EP Massage Therapist Gail is tackling Tough Mudder this year….

“After hearing about the great experiences our clients have had,  I wanted to try it too.

It’s something completely different for me as I normally do cycling events and I know my current cycling fitness level and how much training I would need to do for an event. Doing something different like Tough Mudder is an unknown for me as I’m not a distance runner and it’s been years since I’ve hung off of monkey bars 🙂

Most events have a guide to the fitness level needed to make an event comfortable so that you can enjoy(!) the experience as well as being challenged. I am a planner by nature so preparing for an event by training is a natural thing to do. I know for some it’s not but it does make a huge difference in how you mentally cope with the challenge as well as physically. On my first big bike ride – 5 days, approx 60 miles each day, a person had completed one 20 mile ride and regardless of whether you’re super fit, the amount of bum in saddle time is as important as mileage & speed especially when you have to get back on the bike the next day. There are also things like what kit to use – on this particular ride I answered the underwear under cycle shorts question, ouch…..

We all make misjudgments and things out of our control can go wrong at events as well. I misjudged completely on food for the London Nightrider Bike Ride some years ago. A very empty tank and a ride through the night is not the greatest combination but I had trained for the distance so although it was my slowest ever 60 miles, I did complete it, and I learnt from that!”


If you’ve signed up for an event this year or next, have a read of the event fitness guides, talk to people who have taken part, do a few tester sessions to find out where you are fitness wise, make sure you fit stretching & recovery in, and sports massage is always great for easing niggles. As always, contact us for advice & support 🙂

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