#SundaySuccess – Jan’s Reward Jar

After an amazing year of fundraising and tackling Land’s End To John O’Groats in 2014, EP client Jan Burke felt she was a little lost. Have a read of Jan’s Success in turning things around again…….

Jan Lejog

‘I finished a major cycling challenge in September and took a couple of weeks off to recover. Getting back into a routine of any sort was hard: I was semi-retired so had lots of flexible time but still wasn’t managing to do my daily twenty minutes’ exercise or to tidy the house. I began to worry that I was never going to achieve my bigger goals: let’s face it, if I couldn’t even get out of the house how could I train to run 5k? I needed some way of recognising my effort. Kim had suggested “paying” myself for doing what I planned so I decided to put money in a jar each time I achieved my mini-target.


I struggled to find the right jar: it had to be small so filling it wasn’t too daunting and clear glass so I could see how things were going. I started mid-month and my rate of pay is about a penny a minute but I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the month to have a pound or two in there, which I put into an old purse so that I could start afresh. I found that the tangible reward worked well: not only did I do what I’d planned but also started on things I’d been meaning to do for a while and never quite got round to: paperwork, the spare room and the stuff under the beds.


The system is developing: if I head out for my exercise and the weather is awful, I may give myself a 5p bonus. A couple of weeks ago I needed to get the house ready for a visitor whom I’d never met before so had a challenging day of tidying and housework. Because of the deadline I increased my rate (after all, it had now become a specialist job!) with a bonus as each room was finished. I recently awarded myself a big bonus for something being completed in record time and which would have been impossible a couple of months earlier.


My savings mounted up but after three months it was starting to lose its relevance. Then I remembered something Kim had said at the MYLB workshop recently: “At the end of the month, go out and treat yourself. Don’t spend more than you have and save anything left over for later.” I decided I needed to treat myself fairly soon so when I met a friend for a chat, I had a Portuguese custard tart. I do like them but this one seemed even better than usual. £1.35 well spent.


So now I have some “in the bank” for the end of this month and I have four weeks to think about what I might have for my treat. I have a few ideas, some bigger than others, and if I can’t decide I might just have another custard tart.’


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