Be Smart with your SMARTER GOALS

Gold EP Trainer Alex tells us how it is…. great read….

Perhaps it’s me and perhaps, using the word perhaps doesn’t make for a very well structured opening sentence!   But as we enter into 2012 I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever noticed so many television programmes, media  articles , social networking posts…the list goes on in relation to our diets and exercise as we begin this new year.

This is by no means a criticism and I see it as a positive emphasis for each of us to consider our  health and well being for the year,  after all most of us would concede that Santa at best only ate one mince pie on Christmas eve and wasn’t responsible for the demise of the other  five in the packet.

Seeing as many others have covered the above topic this blog’s intention is more of a change of direction and focuses  on the ‘R’ of your SMARTER goals and diet this being are they REALISITIC and i take it beyond that to sustainable, desired and something you can be consistent with.

Let me give you an example. Think of Someone wanting to lose a set amount of weight  in a relatively short period of time  for example by the end of January. This person may be sitting down to perhaps a dinner of a chicken breast with brown rice and green beans minus the condiments as this will give them the fastest results!  My question is are they realistically going to keep eating this? Can they sustain it? do they want to and do they need to?  For some the answer is yes and this forms part of well thought out and devised nutritional plan which they have perhaps used to some extent before.  For others I suspect the REALISTIC answer is No.

Again this is not a criticism!! But I would recommend anyone to base a GOAL on a sustainable way of living that you will be happy with if you wish  to give it the greatest opportunity to succeed.  With the well known factors in place such as a balanced exercise plan, obtaining adequate sleep, drinking  at least 2 litres of water a day then weight loss can still be achieved and maintained if this meal turned for example into chicken with a sensible tomato based sauce, a jacket potato,  some vegetables of choice and a small serving of condiment.

You could quickly flip this to exercise by  thinking of someone who jumps into 6 gym sessions a week with a goal of running their first 10k run. Perhaps ( there it is again ) they may be better served finding a routine based around 4 training session  a week which they can maintain with the added benefit of less  risk of overtraining or losing focus.

By being smart! with your SMARTER goals and the manner in which you achieve them  you are much more likely to remain consistent and maintain the results throughout the year. You don’t need to change your goals but i encourage you to be happy with what they entail and the parameters you have put in place to achieve them… think of that smug tortoise on the finish line!

Brilliant Alex – thanks for this!

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