Running Bug Awards – Sign up Today!

The lovely readers at Running Bug have short listed our Head Coach Kim for a Running Bug Award – Blogger of the Year! This is very kind of them. Thank you!

Every Monday we write a Blog for the Running Bug – do check it out, its different from our Energised Blog and filled with Running Top TIps, Thoughts, Race Reviews and more depending on the week. Out latest one went in today on Goal Setting and some fun questions, have a read this afternoon when they upload it:

The Running Bug Site is a wealth of useful information and filled with inspiring, knowledgeable people and other fellow runners who you can share thoughts, advice, support and trianing with. Definately worth signing up for free! At the momemt they have 31 Tips for Running, Weight Loss Tips, Lots for the Virgin London Marathon and even your first triathlon – have a look here:

And if you do sign up, you could always support our Head Coach with the Blogging Award and you could WIN a new pair of trainers and a running jacket from Brooks. Good times.

Happy Runnninggg…….. 🙂

PS. Join us, Team Energised in 2012 for some great running events!