8 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Today’s Guest Blog has great tips on how to stay healthy while travelling…..


“Unfortunately, you can’t take your personal trainer on holiday with you, so when travelling or heading on holiday for a couple of weeks it’s important to try and stay on track with your health and fitness plans, or at least try to maintain and not go backwards.


But whatever point you are at on your fitness journey whether you are just starting with yoga or are a regular marathon runner, trying to maintain your healthy habits while travelling is always a challenge. Travelling even just a few times a year for business or pleasure can really put a dent in your plans, lack of regular routine combined with delicious local food options mean that a little bit of time on the road can have a big effect on your body.


But help is at hand, this handy graphic put together by De Vere Hotels explains 8 simple and actionable ways that you can stay healthy while still enjoying your travels.”


Here at Energised Performance we also recommend taking your travel foam roller with you. It’s easy to pack trainers, roll up your sports kit in a Trigger Point Performance Therapy CZ+SK Foam Roller and keep active. We find it’s a great way to see a city and explore too.


Read more from Head Coach Kim on how to travel and keep your fitness in balance…

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If you would like support with travelling tips, posture, sleep and fitness why not book a DNAFit and Diet test with Kim followed by a consultation to help find out what’s best for you.  We also love HION Dream powders




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