#WednesdayWorkout – #StayUnstoppable Sweat Time!

So the lovely people at Bounce Ball’s have #stayunstoppable as their hastag this Spring…. so we were wondering, what keep’s you feeling unstoppable? If you use the #stayunstoppable, tag Bounce and share below, we will send one lucky person a cheeky little bounce ball!!

Then you can try this quick and simple #HIIT Workout….. so once you have warmed up, do 20 secs hard/40 secs recover for 4 mins, then rest for 2 mins and move onto the next 4mins block exercise 🙂

Round 1. Burpees with Press Up (optional)

Round 2. Squat (tuck optional) Jump

Round 3. Plank Alternate Shoulder Taps

Round 4. Lunges Jumps (or side shuttle sprints)

Foam roll and report back afterwards 🙂

#stayunstoppable Team!!

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