#WednesdayWorkout: How is Your Posture?

I find during the winter my clients get sore shoulders and lower backs more often due to the cold, sitting longer and perhaps colds … One simple thing that can really make a difference is the #plank. By developing your #corestrength you will find it easier to stand tall, breathe deeply and#feelgood.

Try three times a week holding a half or full plank for 45-90secs, and then do the #Tibetanyogamoves, hydrate, think a positive thought & have a #brave #boldweek 🌟




I’m wearing @sweatybetty #aw15#thetomboytribe, check the line out, love it 😄 this was last week in my garden, October sunshine #happiness 🎆

Any questions just post below or tweet us @energisedcoach

Wishing you a big, big happy Wednesday 🌈🎇