#MondayMotivation: How to manage as the nights draw in….



The clocks have changed, so here are our top tips to help you manage the darker nights

How do you like to spend the darker nights and shorter days? Some of my clients find it more challenging, and it can be. Here are a few ideas which I find helpful

– Make time each day and especially at the weekend to get outside and move your body

– Do 2 stretches every day to help open out your body, as it tends to get stiffer when colder

– Plan cooking up some yummy, nutritious stews and soups adding lots of herbs and spices to boost your immunity. If you are unsure
We love this link, check it out www.babble.com/21-incredibly-hearty-soup-and-stew-recipes-for-winter

– Get plenty of sleep, yet don’t sleep in a room that’s too hot (and always leave your phone downstairs so you get some digital quiet time). If you find the dark mornings difficult, try a Lumie Light, we really love them (and can get them for you)

– Think about good posture, as we often forget about this when wearing layers, stand tall, engage your core and breath deeply every day

– Plan mini adventures, try a new fitness class, cooking class, sign up to an on line mini course (learn that language you keep saying you will), try a new recipe each week

– Play and explore adventures and holidays that you dream of doing and work out how to make them happen

– Get the right layers and kit to train outdoors (& indoors with), so you feel good, take plenty of recovery time and rest too, listen to your body

– Embrace the cozy evenings, fires, and candles, buy flowers, give random acts of kindness, write a letter a week… the little things

– Plan you smart, yet different winter training… so when spring comes you are stronger, fitter, leaner, faster, smarter in mind and body.. if you are not sure how, or need help staying accountable, let us know

– Clear the cupboards, give to charity, ebay, create space in your life – see it as a life, mind, body and wealth audit… so when Spring comes you really do Spring into it!!

Just a ramble of our little thoughts…. choose 1-3 and let us know how you get on,

And any questions or support do just reply and ask us, more than happy to help.