#WednesdayWorkout: #‎Kimpossible‬ Cheeky Leg session for you….



#‎Kimpossible‬ Cheeky Leg session for you…. anywhere, anytime…. suitable for any goal ‪#‎feelgood‬

Warm up – 5-10mins mobility & cardio

Tabata official 4 min round: 20 secs hard/10 recover, repeat x 8 – burpees

Multi Directional 4 point lunge…. 16 each side (add ViPR or weights as required, if you have access)

Depth Squat, slow on way down, explode up, engage core – add kettlebell or weights if you would like – 60 secs

Side Lunge with single arm extension (add kettlebell if you have the mobility) – 10-20 each side depending on strength and stability

* Can split session here into two days if short of time, coming back from injury/illness or learning the exercises.

Deadlift – with ViPR or bar, single leg if you have the stability, this one more on range of movement than pure weight for this combination of exercises – 10-15 each side or 20 total

Lying Gluteal Bridge with ViPR, Kettlebell or bar (optional) – keep leg alignment straight, focus from gluteals

Plank – holding for 30-120 secs (single leg optional)

Kneeling Back Alternates – 10 each side

Repeat 1 – 4 round depending on fitness, time and focus, plus energy, well being, time of the month (ladies) and mood

Cool down, foam roll and stretch well.

Next hard leg training session should be after at least 3 days, allow good rest, recovery and adaptation for results and reduced risk of injury, plus increased motivation

Enjoy it please, happy fit!! Comment below how you feel!

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Top Photo: (c) http://www.scottphillipsonphotography.co.uk/
Clothing: Charli Cohen Athena Suit
Make Up: Demi Chantelle Hair and Makeup