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Your Back….

When did you last check it out?  When did you last train it properly, give it real attention?

So many people forget that by training your back muscles, you will automatically improve the strength, posture and definition in the front muscles, as well as giving you a beautiful and strong back.

Training your back is great to reduce back pain, improve your sports performance (from running, cycling and swimming to horse riding & hockey, anything!) and improve your confidence.

So warm up and try this little routine, you can do it with resistance bands, water bottles, Kettlebells or dumbells if you don’t have access to the gym. Let me know how you get on.

Mini Back Routine: 

2-4 sets, 8-20 reps depending on goal

Lateral Pull Down Machine (wide Grip or use TRX if you have one) 

Single Arm Row (watch technique) 

Bent Over Row (barbell or can modify with bands depending on strength)

Seated Row (or TRX Row with Squat if you have one) 

Chin Ups on the Bar (assisted with Stroops if you need it, set this as a challenge, start with under arm, build to wide grip) 

Swiss Ball Plank and Roll Out (if shoulders are stable) 

If you have weak back muscles and postural problems start with these 2 below, incorporate yoga and pilates, work on your breathing and postural awareness and gradually build from there:

Dorsal Raise (with Swiss Ball) 

Back Alternates/Superman – lying face down on floor, hold each side for 5 secs, engage core 

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Check out this months Women’s Health for their Naked issue & Men’s Health for great training plans.

** Note: Aim to do 2-4 of the exercises to start with if you are not used to training your back, choose the exercises you know, or ask for help with technique.  Super setting with chest exercises works well too.  Make sure you are warmed up and stretch off well afterwards.  If you are unsure or have any back problems check with a professional first. 

PS. You have 1 Day left to Enter the Life Fitness Global #PTtoWatch2014 Award, our Head Coach Kim won last year and will be part of the judging panel this year, so get your entry in, challenge yourself and go for it.
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