#WednesdayWorkout: A cheeky little HIIT session for you….


#‎WednesdayWorkout…. A cheeky little ‪#‎HIIT‬ Session for you

Make sure you are warmed up, if you can partner up with someone, do. It will really boost your focus and energy. Adapt according to your fitness level and ability. Enjoy!

March 2015: #HIIT – 20mins
40secs – Effort – 20 Sec Recovery
4 sets of each exercise

1. Squat Thursts (with Press Up)
2. Sit Up, Get Up, Jump
3. Burpee with Shoulder Taps
3. Sumo Squat Jumps

Focus, 100%, BE.

Keep Good Technique, Warm Up Effectively,
Cool Down & Roll
Good Nutrition, Hydration & Recovery

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Any Questions let us know

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