#MondayMotivation – Simple Tips to Believe in Yourself


‘To believe in yourself. To learn to trust yourself to make the choices & create the habits to feel and do what you want. That’s the challenge which creates the possibility for growth & inner confidence.’


Sometimes it really overwhelming with all the exercise, nutrition and mindful tips out there. It’s generally all amazing advice but when we’re short of time, where do you start? How do you actually make things change?


Try this, I find it helps me. Write down one simple nutrition, movement and thought/feeling change for the week ahead. Make it really specific and clear, then stick it on your fridge or in your wallet, somewhere you will look every day and keep your focus committed to maintain that simple change.


If you share below you’re more likely to #makeithappen as you will keep yourself accountable with others and my support,


Give it a go, it may help unstick you… or enhance things. You have to write it down not just think it to make the difference though:-)


If you would like more tips and support to grow you #innerconfidence keep a look out for our Inner Confidence Mentoring Club opening in August.


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Big support always, Kim (pop us an email kim@energisedperformance.com)