Wednesday Workout – Run Recovery Tips


Happy Wednesday to you, did you Run at the weekend? Here are a few tips for running & workout recovery.

We had many of my clients out and about, with over 20 completing the Bath Half & Forest of Dean Half over the last two weeks, many 10kms and new plans for summer body workouts.

Often the thing we miss most is quality recovery. The day after a hard run or training session you sometimes feel good, a mix of adrenalin and DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness).  I always recommend an easy day. A good stretching routine, hydration, good foods & a light core workout, foam roll and swim or walk if you really want, yet overall just a big rest day.

Then if you feel good, progress this with a light training week working on functional movement patterns, realigning biomechanics tightness, and little strength/speed workouts depending on your fitness levels.

Often adapting your training plans so you have peak weeks and recovery adaptation weeks will get you the best results and progression.

So ask yourself today…. when did you last change your routine, mix up your workout patterns, really push hard and then drop down and allow adaption and recovery?

For my female clients I find cycling this with hormones can have amazing results…. and for people who travel a lot, adapting this with flights and work gives you smart training results.

If I can help at all please do ask, online coaching, DNA Fit & Nutrition consultations and Mindset coaching to feel good the Summer and get amazing results whilst having fun. Big support and Wednesday Workout, Your Mind Body Coach, Kim


Ps. This is me, end of 15 mile #run, 670 miles into #1000milesin2017! How are you going with this challenge? Do comment below


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