#MondayMotivation: A Thought About Time?


I’ve been coaching lot of clients this week and the topic of time keeps coming up. From my CEO and media clients to my teenagers doing GCSEs and time is the biggest limiter.

Sometimes we don’t have the time to do what we really want…. yet if it’s what we really want, could we plan to create the time to make it possible in the future? That could be anything from achieving a new goal, learning a new skill, visiting friends or family that matter, going on an adventure….

And then next time is I can afford ‘it’. What if you decided that it really matters that you achieve or do this ‘thing’ and then started working towards making it happen? Changing things, Saving a little each week in a https://www.terramundi.co.uk/ pot towards that #adventure, friendship meet up or #selfworth goal?

Changing habits and stretching our ‘what if’ boundaries and rules is a challenge… yet think about when you’re a few years older, say 2023 when you are how old? What will be most important that you experienced and who will you wished you spent more time with?

Do check out Levison Wood for inspiration and adventures, we heard him speak, totally inspiring.  Have you watched any of his programmes? http://www.levisonwood.com/talk #inspiration 🌎

So life can be complicated yet it’s possible to #keepitsimple. Start today, go have some fun & then make some simple changes this week…. see what is possible. Love to know how you get on & will be sharing in my blog in a couple of weeks too.

If you would like to book a Strategy Session to help you re organise your time and take action on what’s most important, pop me an email kim@energisedperformance.com or visit http://www.energisedperformance.com/service/mind-body-soul to find out more.