#FridayFood: Purple Powered Brownies!



Oh yes, #KimsKitchen has been busy for Children in Need and the Brownies have been given the thumbs up from several ladies and gents… so try these gluten & sugar free Brownies. We are aware they sound a bit random, but trust us, they taste good!



Black Beans – 2 cans, drained,
4 eggs – medium to large
4 tablespoons of beetroot powder (bioglan we like)
1-2 tablespoons of purple HION powders
12 – 14 big dates, chopped up finely
Beetroot and HION powder total is 5, so mix as you choose
Vanilla or Ginger Extract to taste
Sea salt pinch of
1 cup of Cacao powder
or 1 cup of Coco powder for sweeter taste
or split cacao or 1 cup of Choc Protein to increase protein value
80ml of melted coconut oil




Pop into a greased tray with coconut oil and bake in the oven for 25-30mins at around 70 degrees.




Perfect post training sessions….long run, heavy weights! Let us know if you try and post a photo… any questions do let us know 🙂