Energised Ladies, when did you last change your Sports Bra?

I hope it’s a beautiful day with you? I would love to know where you are and what you’re up too ๐Ÿ™‚


Yesterday I did my #tuesdaytraining workout, played on my bars, walked The Hound of Happiness and set up for the day.


I wanted to check in with you ladies and see when you last changed your sports bra? See it’s really important, whatever cup size you are to change them every 6-9 months so they offer you the best support.


A decent sports bra helps to improve your posture when you workout, which in turn improves your enjoyment, and perhaps even your motivation and confidence. It helps support the Cooper’s ligament, preventing your boobs from stretching too. As a sports therapist and PT I often get clients saying they are uncomfortable. I kind of get this as you wouldn’t want to wear it all day, but they are designed to move with your body as you workout and for that job they should feel comfortable, supportive and almost like a protective hug around your chest!

I’ve just tested the new Shock Absorber UK #flybra launched by the uber inspiring free runner Katie McDonnell (check her out & redefine your boundaries!). Honestly, this new bra is so light weight yet combines new innovative technology to support your bust. It felt really different to my #runbra (Womens Running Magazine UK favourite) so I was a little unsure but after a few minutes I totally loved it and would highly recommend.



Changing your sports bra and getting remeasured at least once a year is key. Especially if you had changed shape, lost weight, started lifting weights, are/been pregnant etc… don’t be shy, be brave and feel inspired. I realised I was a cup size higher and a chest size lower, plus moved the straps down two. Super support, super powers!


Let me know how you go:-)

Big โ€˜supportโ€™ in every way, Kim


Kim is proud to be an Ambassador for Shock Absorber, loving their range of bras to suit all shapes and sizes, sports and goals.


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