#MondayMotivation – What our Energised Hound of Happiness can teach you?

What can a little #rescuedog teach you….? This is our little Jakey, who came to us 14 months ago today. How lucky we are πŸ™‚
So he had two homes, one not very nice, one lovely but his owner got a terminal illness, all before he was two. He came to us anxious, stressed, worried yet trying to please…. over the months he has taught & reminded me this…. Which as a coach and person is brilliant πŸ™‚ have a read…
⭐️ Good, fresh food is essential, in the right portions for anyone or animal to #feelgood. No nasties, no additives as they make you feel hyper and then crash, affecting your mood ⭐️ He loves Harringtons Grain Free Food, before he had Bakers, the difference is so far apart.
⭐️ That giving attention, reassurance & consistency is way more important than food treats in him feeling loved and secure this requires time & patience, which is ‘harder’ than a treat when you’re busy but way more beneficial to a happy hound. It reminds me that giving time to the people that matter is usually the most important and wonderful thing…
⭐️ That to change a habit and / or learn something new requires patience, consistency, trust and commitment. It requires a clear step by step plan, which you stick too, even if one or two days don’t go to plan… Training him as an adult dog is something new, yet it’s possible. Learning new things to make it possible like reading #totalrecall & understanding how to change things with trust. I’m so proud of what he’s learned so far. What could you learn or achieve this month if you really committed?
⭐️ That sometimes you’re a bit different and people misunderstand you, and you can’t change that, but you can still respect, care and like the person you are. Never lose the sparkle that makes you, beautifully you. As he’s a Staffie you often get people wary of him, yet he’s the kindest doggie. If I worried about other’s fears, I would not have trained him. Focus on what brings you alive, embrace and let go of the fears,… See what’s behind🌈
⭐️ He brings people together because people love him. He shows you something is always possible & happiness is found in the simplest of things, however tough life is, or has been….
If we can help you to realise your potential, find your inner happiness or just learn to believe in yourself, do let us know,
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Happy #mondaymotivation Kim ⭐️