What do you LOVE?!:-) WIN a free session!

Wishing you all an Energised Valentine’s Day filled with sunshine and good things – whatever that may be for you! Share your thoughts below and you may be the person who win’s a free half hour treament from our Head Coach…. to be confirmed next week!

So if you are with someone specifically (partner, husband or wife) or surrounded by good friends and family take a moment out this week to complete this Blog…. Valentine’s Day is about making somone feel special – so how about making that someone be you (by adding value to your life, and so others too), as well as the people close to you…. think about these LOVE goals below and make them happen…

1. List 3 (or more if you like!) people you LOVE to spend time with, who make you feel good, you have fun with and you can truly be yourself with …. make a date in your diary to do something specific with them – or to make contact with them .. be that a letter, phone call, surprise little present … something that makes them feel good

2. List 3 mini things you like to do, for yourself that make you feel happier and more content in yourself – pop them in your diary and make them happen (this can be anything you like!)Then list your three (ten if you can) positive qualities that make you, YOU and remember them when you are being challenged.

3. List 3 things that you love to do, that if you make them happen you will feel fitter, healthier and more energised (this can be anything from fitness classes to outdoor training, eating good food, drinking more water etc)

4. List 3 things you keep saying you are going to do, but never make it happen, until right now…. when you will begin to make it happen…!

5. List 3 Big (anything from work to financial wealth, sport to travel, new hobbies to kids!) Goals that you would LOVE to achieve and start to make a plan to make them happen, just the first little steps….

So remember,.,,, “You Get What you Focus on …. so forget about what you do not want, and focus on what you do right now…”

At Energised Performance we believe in this – Focus on what you Want and believe in YOU – our aim is to help you to feel good in yourself, inside and out…. be that for sports performance, wellbeing, business or life in general. Whilst challenging things happen, by becoming clear on what you want in your life (work, rest and play!) and learning to LOVE the person you are – challenging situations will be easier to manage and you will be able to get back on track sooner…

So complete this BLOG and we dare you to share your thoughts….. if you do, you may win a 30mins free session with us – Online coaching, Skype, 1;1 or fitness courses…. the choice is yours. The winner will be chosen at random from the posts and will be chosen next week – go for it!

ENTRIES CLOSE 9am Monday 21st Feb – winner announced 23rd Feb – GO FOT IT!

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