#TuesdayThought – Test Time! How is your Brain?

Test Time!
Some of you may like this quiz, it takes about 15 mins and is something I have used over the last 4 years to help manage, and be aware of the areas which will help look after my healing and take care of my brain.
I think we can all do this and share with family and friends too. If you feel overwhelmed with the results, would like some support, to do any of the checks etc pop me a message as I’m fully trained up to help you with many of the areas, or can refer you to an expert if I’m not.
The test is free and they just ask for a donation to Alzheimer’s and they will remind you in a year. Totally worth it I believe, mind and body care.
And did you know that learning to dance is one of the top things to help your brain stay active, followed by brain training games, mindfulness and meditation, learning a new language and social group interaction every week….. along with great food, sleep and a balanced level of stress and recovery as just a few things to consider.
Have a think how you are doing this September, as learning something new or changing your routine, could be the best thing for your brain and body,
I’m happy with practising many of these things, whilst being on my next level of healing drugs, my brain has improved from last year a little, so I’m proud of my brain for its healing πŸ™‚
Big Support, Kim #unlockyourpotential
Take the Test….foodforthebrain.org
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