You will find me in Top Sante Magazine this month too, as the fitness expert answering all your needs in all things health and fitness. If you have any questions love to know and share.

I help tackle some common issues, such as getting back into shape after a holiday, something we all struggle with. I recommend taking note of what you ate on holiday, as well as the activity you did, your mood and stress levels and how much you slept for 7 consecutive days, which will help you to identify the areas you need to address and make changes to.

I offer advice for kick starting an exercise routine to shift some of your baby weight. In this case the first most important step to take is seeing an Osteopath to ensure that your body is ready to undergo a more rigorous exercise routine. The next step I suggest is ensuring you have the right gear to support you, trainers, sports bra etc. It’s important to build your training up gradually over time, as your strength increases as well as ensuring you are eating the right foods. It’s also important to check in with your stress levels.

I suggest fitting your physical activity around your menstrual cycle, changing your routine every 2 weeks and altering your approach from season to season.

Many women in their 30’s and 40’s struggle to achieve the results they desire through exercise, as one individual expresses in the interview. My recommendation is to vary your work outs, which really is key to getting the results you want. So, for example alternating between high and low intensity workouts. I lay out a weekly plan that combines high and low intensity work outs for maximum success, and add in a reminder that strength building won’t necessarily result in a change on the scales because you are building muscle.


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