Taking Time Out – A Mini Thought

Our Sports Therapist Gail, who is quickly becoming popular on Saturday mornings shares a mini thought on taking time out.  She is very true in what she says, wise words Gail, thank you for sharing.

What do you do to take time out? Here is what Gail does….

“I’m not going to say anything original in this blog merely that going to the EP Easter Meal on Monday reminded me of how little time I’ve made for myself these last six months. Trying to fit everything in is tricky and more often than not something has to give.

In physical training there is normally an emphasis on rest/recovery days and it’s equally important in normal life to plan in rest time, to refresh your brain and enthusiasm.

Taking time out can be as simple as sitting down with a book and a cup of tea or heading out to the EP Italian Fitness Camp (there is one space left at a really good price, if you would like it!) . Whatever works for you don’t forget to allow that time in your schedule, it makes a big difference – I’ve been super productive since the yummy food and awesome company at the meal.

If massage is your little something for you, then do book in with myself, Kim or Paul and we’ll look after you.

Have a wonderful week and we look forward to hearing what you like to do when you take time out….

To read Gail’s updated profile click here http://www.energisedperformance.com/section.php/437/1/gail_white: