Review & Set your 6 month goals this Bank Holiday weekend…

Wow … its nearly the 1st of June and half way through 2011!

So this Bank Holiday take a moment to reflect on what you have achieved this year … and ask yourself how you are doing on your New Year’s Resolutions..

Then answer these three questions:

* What are your top three priorities for the next 3 – 6 months: Work, Finance, Friends, Family, Sport, Health, Travel, Fun, Rest….

* With the top three chosen – write down the top three goals you would like to achieve in these three areas, how you are going to make it happen and when it will happen by. Create a strategy for any limting things that may appear and how you will overcome them.

* Then write a plan of maintenance in the other areas, combined with a review dates of the goals above – perhaps the end of the Summer – August Bank Holiday or October half term. Tell three people about your goals (and post them below!) to gain support and make them happen!

Make sure the Goals are clear, specific, accountable and add value to your life – so you are motivated to make them happen!Remember, you get what you focus on….

GO for it. And we look forward to hearing about them and supporting you make them happen.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!