#ThursdayTherapy: Remember Your Why

Why your goal matters to you, like really matters. What you will gain from taking the steps to make it happen. Your motivation.

I had a client who started RED January Mind but got filled with fear – what will people think of me, I’m too big, unstylish, go red, sound like a train etc etc…. I promise we are all filled with fears, they distract our focus… I used to hate running races as I go so red too, I used to be called thunder thighs & beetroot head. Yet the only person who is disappointed by not embracing fear is yourself.

You don’t get to do what you set out to do, to fulfil your why, to believe in yourself (a tiny bit)

❤️So try this…. 👉
– Mindmap why you want to run, train, sing, cook or whatever tour goal is
– do this every day you feel unsure before you start, like your own mind ninja training
– listen to podcasts, read & make playlists to keep you focused on what you are doing
– breathe in I’m okay and out the fear and anxiety
– notice the tiny wins towards the big goals and celebrate
– let go of insane pressure to ‘get it right’ every day
– face fear with courage, get support and know you can do it , I promise you

Let me know how you go or if you need support or have questions post below 👇🏼you matter more than your fears.

I’m starting a beginners handstand course How To Handstand , I can’t even do a somersault, this is embracing my fear as I’ve said for years but never acted… I must go…..

Big courage and support to you all, I totally believe in you, whatever age, shape or size, you are damn awesome, Inspiring & worth it. Everyone does something which inspires someone,

Big support, Kim 🌟 #unlockyourpotential #mentalstrength #redjanuary

Wearing Sweaty Betty BUFF ShockAbsorber Mizuno ❤️