#SundayThought: Our lives flow in seasons

Our lives flow in seasons, like the flowers that bloom, sometimes hibernating, nurturing the new roots, sometimes bursting into an array of colour. Learning to understand ourselves, our seasons and change helps us manage the unexpected ride of this wonderful life. ..
These things I find help myself & clients
if you don’t have time to pause, it’s when you must make time – distractions, busy, overwhelm, self sabotage are all potential forms avoiding healing yet also ways of coping, so go gently & consistently
journal, pen and paper, write your thoughts down, notice unhelpful thoughts and try to change gradually
notice how you talk to yourself & what you choose to share – be more helpful, notice happy moments & remember to breathe deep
move your body, walk daily, stretch, hydrate, eat some simple, nourishing food
do something tiny, take action – join a club, sign up to a course, ask for help, it will be the hardest thing but I promise will shift things
volunteer, help someone else, sounds weird but kindness helps kindness grow
don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t get back to you or make time – people often don’t know how to help, so either tell them what’s best for you, or be brave for professional help
there isn’t a ‘right or wrong’ way to be mentally & physically well, but finding what works for you is key
Pop me a question if I can help…
With magic support, Kim 🌟
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