#MondayMotivation, #WeStrive, Eve Branson & Total Inspiration…. right now.

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Wow, what a wonderful week we have had with Team Energised, huge success and inspiration from all levels of sport, from beginners completing their first triathlon, to Gold medals at the British Champs from Maria Powell, placings at Hartpury Three Day Event and storming rides from Prudential Ride London, amazing.

And then I (head coach Kim) get the most amazing opportunity, or crazy idea to to take part in Day 1, and the first marathon of the Strive Challenge. This is a core group of Hard Core people running, rowing, cycling and climbing to the top of the Matterhorn, taking nearly a month… truly inspired and amazed by these group of people. Check them out and if you can support the Big Change Charity, that would be amazing – empowering others to be their best – http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/energisedperformance

One of the most wonderful moments of my marathon was meeting Eve Branson. Her words, energy and passion for life has been in my mind since I left Gravesend. Below she is our Monday Motivation, one amazing lady.

Eve Branson has a Twitter feed and she shares this great advice, pretty good I think….  Follow just one of her pieces of advice and you will be enhance your life and those around you.

1. ‘If you don’t want to have regrets later then now is the time to do something about it. Now. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Now.’ 

2. ‘Whatever you can do to help others, do it. Do it without fear that it isn’t enough, that it takes too much time or that you can’t afford it’

3. ‘You can choose whether to be negative or positive, so why choose to be negative?’

4. “If you set your mind to it you can do it. Whatever IT is.” 

Selfie Team Strive

 If you feel inclined to donate you still can here, and my big biggest thanks are being sent your way http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/energisedperformance

Thank you to Bounce Balls UK for asking me to be part of their Team, wonderful. Check out their yummy range of energy balls here: http://www.bouncefoods.com/. My No1′s are the Peanut, Cacoa & Spirulina – what are yours?

You can read more about my ‘Day Off Marathon’ Here: http://www.kimingleby.co.uk/blog/uncategorized/virgin-strive-challenge-1-marathon-big-change-done

Happy, happy Monday Team. Remember you can scroll back for #WednesdayWorkout & #FridayFood.

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