#MondayMotivation: I’m Inspired by You, who inspires you?

Team Energised clients and friends, you inspire me.  You really do. Who inspires you to become a better version of you?












There is a great quote, that you never know who you are inspiring…. so keep going. And it’s so true. I was training up in the gym yesterday and there is a lady who had a big amount of weight to lose.  I’ve seen her going up regularly for over 3 months and you CAN see the difference.  Yet when you are training yourself, you often don’t realise that difference and this challenges your motivation.  I decided to go and tell her how well she was doing, and to keep going.  She was so surprised someone spoke to her and positively encouraged her, she said it made her want to keep going.  So do it, tell someone how proud you are of what they are achieving, someone you know and someone you don’t. Then tell yourself why you are proud of you, do this too please.  It makes the difference. 












This weekend I have been so inspired by my clients, there are a few this weekend who have overcome so much, lost huge amounts of weight, overcome low confidence and self belief, injuries and niggles to achieve many things…. really you are the BEST, be proud and thank YOU for being part of Team Enrgised 🙂 So many to mention but Simon Tubb, riding from Cornwall to Bristol in 3 days for the South West Children’s Hospice, you can support him here: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/SimonTubb, then his fiancee Marie Dunnell (Happy Birthday!) completing the 10 mile Midnight Walk for St Peters Hospice, Sue Hendry completing the Shock Absorber Womens Triathlon (come and join us on 28th Sept at Warwickshire Triathlon, beginners ahoy!), Doug Wood completing Monikie Triathlon & Jan Burke completing a Sportive as part of her LEJOG training, the later 2 are over 60years old, highlighting age is no reason to limit your possibilities.  BIG WELL DONE to you all.


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