#MondayMotivation – What makes you Happy?


Last weekend we had our Part 2 – Make 2017 Brilliant Workshop in Bristol with people travelling from all over the World to be there.  It was such a powerful group of people, filled with passion and purpose.


The one thing that everyone said they enjoyed was sharing what made them happy.  I wonder what makes you happy?


For me, its many things yet so just simple, wild spaces, adventuring, exploring places and meeting people, helping others, learning, growing, creating, doing & being.


I had such an amazing time in L.A earlier this year, I think the moments on the beach in the evening captured my happy moments.  Learning with my mentor, Jill Coleman and her Mastermind crew and catching up with friends on the other side of the World, including Camilla Dallerup who’s new book, Reinvent Me is out soon…


I would love to know your Happy Moments for the year so far, noticing and sharing them is so important.  Often we only notice and share the struggle, which is fine, yet the happiness grows your inner spark, your spirit, strength, purpose and passions. This lays strong foundations to cope with the challenges & capture the courage to grow in the good moments.


Any questions, to join Make 2017 Brilliant Mentoring or for 1:1 coaching just let me know,

Big support always, Kim (pop us an email kim@energisedperformance.com)


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