Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet, 3 Mini Thoughts

Welcome to 2013!!  

We are about to start the first full week of the New Year and I would like to just a couple of thoughts down for you.  By now at least one in two people will have faltered with their New Year’s Resolutions.  I find this quite a scary fact, that every year we write or talk about our Resolutions, but then actually forget to make them specific and appropriate, ensuring that we actually take action. 

So this year, this week, I would like you to write down these three things: 

1. The three ‘big, challenging’ thing you will have achieved by the end of the year, and how you are going to make them happen 

2. The three mini things you are going to do each month which will make a massive difference to your overall well being and energy 

3. The three words which will inspire, motivate and support you to stay on track this year. Energised words to support our clients for the year are empowerment, knowledge, belief 🙂 

Keep me posted on a monthly basis how you are going, by either tweeting, facebooking, commenting on our blog or sending us an email,, let us help empower you to achieve your goals this year. 

So when 1st Jan 2014 appears, you will have achieved some real, tangible goals, which may have been challenging and uncomfortable at times, yet overall, truly worth it and inspiring. This will cause the ripple affect to achieve even more in 2014 and beyond.  

And remember that if you are really busy, or have big life changes going on your goals could be based purely around well being, mindfulness, eating good foods and taking time out to relax.  Sometimes the seemingly smaller goals can make the biggest changes. 

And with that I wish you the Happiest, most wonderful 2013 filled with wonderful moments, courage, commitment and positivity. 

Do get in touch if we can help you have your best year yet, Team Energised 🙂 

ps. there are a couple of spaces on our ‘Make 2013 Brilliant Workshop’ this Sunday, 13th 4-6pm.