Hope over doubt, how do you find yourself today?

I hope you have a moment to pause & recharge,

To make choices that bring you joy this year,

And changes that require courage, letting go & creating space for possibilities,

To have self talk & care that is helpful, kind & committed to yourself,

And to choose love over fear, hope over doubt, connection & love over self sabotage & fear,

We have to make changes ourselves, but we don’t have to do it alone,

Be brave,

For all we have is today, past lessons can help us , future dreams can inspire us but our choices today are what truly count.

Believe in you,

Just a tiny bit.

Move, dance, create, become what you dream of, feel it with patience, support & magic, unfold

Here to support,

Big optional love, Kim ❤️

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Ps. My next online Yoga Nidra is Sun 21st Feb, 6.45pm, ‘Love & Letting Go’ flow, oracle cards & magic -recorded – join HERE. Every body welcome, no experience needed.