Big Energised Good Wishes to the Royal couple & few questions…

As I sit and write this I think I am the only person in the street working…..! I thought I would leave my diary open to see if people would like treatments… I am fully booked with PT sessions, NLP coaching sessions and sports massage.  Great stuff as I know there is a two hour highlight programme of the wedding later….!

And what a moment in history today will make ….. the first Royal wedding for decades.  Joining billions of people across the World I and the Energised team would like to wish William and Kate the happiest, most joyful day and a wonderful, healthy, content relationship and life together.

If you are interested in the Royal wedding or not, what it does display is a wonderful example of two people who are completely content and happy in themselves. A relationship that appears to be balanced and works for them perfectly. No one can really tell what makes a relationship work but with all the coaching and training Ihave done through NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Personal Trianing etc… I work with people to firstly become content in themselves, and then form a relationship that adds value to your own contentment, whilst being flexible and aware of the other person.

Relationships are key to life… … how you integrate with others be that family, friends, work, sport, yourself…

Over this long weekend why not take a moment to reflect on the three key relationships, plus the relationship you have with yourself – if you have good self esteem, confidence and belief.

Try these questions – write the answers down and take action…these can be personal, romantic, sporting, business, family, friends…. by answering these questions it will provoke thought and potentially positive action – go for it!

1. What are the three most important relationships in my life right now, and why?

2. What are the top 5 things I share in these relationships that are important to me?

3. What are the top 3 things I would like to develop in these relationships which would add value to them?

4. What are the top 3 things I would like to dvelop in myself which would add value to the person that I am?

Let us know how you get on, share your thoughts below. And if you would like any support please do get in touch.

Have a Brilliant Long Weekend, respect and value yourself and your relationships and to William & Kate, and to everyone out there today – have the best day ever!

See you all for May Day Big Bootcamp – Monday 8.30-10am – Bristol!