#SundayThought: Be clear on your priorities, what’s important to YOU?

‘Be clear on your priorities, what’s important to YOU?’

Chaos creates a dancing star. Don’t let your fears create limitations around what you can’t control.

Channel your fears and passion into what’s important to you, growing opportunities in the chaos. Even if it’s involves change and it’s different, embrace what you can influence.

Let go of what you can’t change or control, it will only grow your fear. The same applies for the conversations you have with yourself, are they helpful?

Surround yourself with a tribe of people who all respect, believe and positive support each other with focus and fun ….

Through any change and chaos, with patience and time, however tough, good things will come, step by step….. hold the vision, trust and learn in the process

Each day is kind of like the metaphor for life, you never know what’s truly going to happen.

It’s normal to feel fear through change, yet don’t get blocked by it. Feel it & then leap with courage to creating what you can…. it’s the start of July, let’s make the second half of the year truly count.

Play with ideas, create the plan, commit and begin… if you need any support I’m here & Tag someone who supports / inspires you… my shares today Gabi Founder of Chroma Stationery, Eliza Wrenne getting ready for Edinburgh Festival Fringe & Paul Wicks: Blind Luck Photography who I met through The Encephalitis Society 👉

Have a thought provoking, happy, fit week ahead  Big support, Kimpossible #unlockyourpotential

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Ps. Quote from my #52tipstofeelgood Book, 🐾💙 The Hound of Happiness & Dog Author