Easter #MondayMotivation.….are you ready for the summer?

As we head towards summer… how are YOU? How could you make it Amazing? What do you want to happen?


All too often we focus our time and energy on what we don’t want.


This week choose to focus on what you DO want. Write it down, become really clear.


I feel this quote (shared by a good friend and Coach Kirk Miller) is really good, think about it & answer these questions:

– Attract what you Expect: what do you focus on?

– Reflect what you desire: what do you believe is possible?

– Become what you respect: Do you respect and value yourself?

– Mirror what you Admire: Do you model excellence and let go of comparison?


Let me know how you get on…. if you have any questions or would like any more support for the summer do just be in touch. WE offer a unique range of services to help you grow your mind and body confidence, well-being and strength. Blending a range of skills together our Confidence and Empower Coaching will help you find direction in life, let go of your fears and self sabotage and build the courage to live the live your wish.


And do come to our Energised 15th Birthday Celebrations & Drinks on the 2nd May in Bristol, everyone welcome 🙂

Kim and the Team


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