#WednesdayWorkout: Quick Marathon Mindset Race Weekend Tips

Here are some Quick Marathon Mindset Tips…. although they work for any distance and sport…. give it a go and let me know how you get on. I shared some of them at the Manchester Marathon Evening on stage (Photo), such an amazing line up of speakers and athletes…

  • Write a plan down, how to have your best race, 3 positive feelings to breathe in, who inspires you and why it matters to you.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t sleep well or can’t eat breakfast with nerves… it often happens, focus on resting, keeping calm and hydrated.
  • Pace yourself at the beginning, keeping focused on your race, good technique and relax your shoulders, breathe.
  • Hydrate and fuel little and often through the race with products you’re used to.
  • Listen to your body and adapt your pace and form to how you feel.
  • If you find a ‘wall’ or doubt if you can do it.. pause, breathe, think about your why, people who inspire you, walk run and you can will get over the wall to the finish line.
  • Celebrate and be proud of yourself when you finish, whatever the outcome, you will have done the best you can on the day, big high five
  • Recovery is key – good proteins, energy, hydration, stretch, ice bath ( compression, sleep – I use Optimum Nutrition Plant protein and Train and Sustain.
  • Reflect, write down what went well and what you would do differently in the next race/in training, and have enough recovery to fully allow your mind and body to repair – catch up with friends, family, book sports massage, do differently for a week at least.

Any questions do ask… and let me know how you go with your race – it’s great to share and celebrate! Special good luck if you are racing London, Boston or Rhodes this Spring, be awesome and believe in you.

Big big support Kim.


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