All is ‘normal’ and nothing is normal, #TuesdayThought

All is ‘normal’ and nothing is normal, so welcome each day and commit to one clear thing you want to do, feel and be.

💛 I’ve been so proud of all of you who have connected on line, many of you making big leaps and changes, whilst others needing the time to pause, reconnect and heal – and some wavering between both.

🔹Write this down, reflect & then commit

What are your 4 priorities to make happen this summer, how, why?
– What will you decide & commit to changing habit or thought wise?

Letting go & growth
– Who will you connect with, ask for help/give support?
– Why does this matter to you?
– What, who & where relaxes you, make time for this

✨Be specific, simplify to one thing if in overwhelm, get your family & friends involved, and have fun with it.

With Big Energised Strength & Support,
Kim ⭐️

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