July Energised Newsletter & Tips

How are you unlocking? Are you unlocking where you are in the World?  I would love to know. And if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or unsure how to put new, exciting plans into place, please reach out and ask for support.  

I’ve been helping people online develop new business plans into action, overcome anxiety and stress and realign their 2020 so when we get to the end of the year, we can reflect back with value and gratitude.  Have a think about it…. write down some simple ideas and actions for this week.  Let me know how you go.

I’ve been researching some family history, which has been fascinating and also thought provoking.   My great, great grandfather wrote a hymn called, it is well with my soul after losing his 4 daughters to a ship sinking.  I felt it is a good reminder, that whatever adversity happens, with courage and commitment we can and will grow through things.  If you want to read more click here, it seems to have helped a few people. 

A podcast which I have been listening to which has some great interviews, especially around Black Lives Matter is the Align Podcast. I connected with Aaron when I went to Los Angeles on a business mastermind a couple of years ago.  He also offers a really good, free postural programme – have a listen and let me know if it’s useful for you.  

For our adventure travellers, Suitcase is a magazine/online resource I really like, this blog is about where their team are travelling first after lock down…… are you venturing near or far?  I think I’m going to keep it local for the next while. 

July’s check in to action: 

Make the time over the next couple of days to do this quickly and simply – if you did the last couple of month’s you can reflect on the changes.  If you need support, just pop me a message and how are flowing with it. 

Put today’s date and time top the page:

1. Your Mind Body Check in…

– How are feeling, energy, movement, posture?

– How is your brain, mood, thoughts, stress?

– How is your sleep, depth, quality?

– How is your digestion, cravings, hydration?

– How is your digital time, conversations, recharge time? 

 Score out of 10, and/or write comments 

Choose 3 specific areas to change or focus on for the week ahead and review every week if time.

Put today’s date and time, mood at top of next page.

2. Your Monthly Reflection and Focus to Flow Forwards

Past month:

– What have loved, felt happiness about in last month?

– What have you overcome and learned in last month? 

– What are you resisting or committing too?

This month: – What are your 4 priorities to make happen, how, why?

– What will you decide and commit to changing habit or thought wise?

Letting go and growth:

– Who will you connect with, ask for help/give support?

– Why does this matter to you?

– What, who and where relaxes you, make time for this 

Write it down, reflect and then commit.

Be specific, simplify to one thing if I’m overwhelm, get your family and friends involved, and have fun with it. 

Repeat this every month and notice the patterns which come up, the growth and change and celebrate each month. Being kind and courageous with yourself. You matter. Journaling, pen and paper is proven to help calm your thoughts, focus your mind and grow your intention to change. Change is uncomfortable, but to change we have to change. Give it a go for 3 weeks or months to give it a chance and I promise you will be surprised. 

Energised online is 100% OPEN to support you fully and whole heartedly, we have done over 700 check in calls, delivered over 110 food parcels and prescriptions, raised over £1k for charity and the girls, sports therapists Gail and Kate are ready to join me and offer online consultations, you can book them here.   

For workshops, event’s, sporting races and adventures these are unlikely to be before the Autumn, or 2021, and we are helping people get ready for races, whilst avoiding burnout, over training and injuries, check in if this resonates for support to keep well and gain the edge.

In July, awareness dates are always fun to note…. here’s a couple:  Fri 24th Samaritans Listen Awareness Day and 30th Friendship Day.  

We ran a really successful Unlock your Summer 2020 Workshop online on 28th June, if you would like to watch the video recordings, just send me a message, it’s only £16.  I completed the Chase the Sun 10km for Sunflower Suicide Support Charity, which our wonderful client Zoe ‘won’ with the fastest time, big well done to her.  I followed up with the Tusk Half Marathon. Virtual races are a great way to get moving, have a goal and support a charity – we can provide a training plan, nutrition and injury advice and get you to your virtual finish line.  

In July the Samaritons are doing a monthly challenge, and 21st – 25th July we are going to run a Human of Happiness Charity Run in memory of Jake, raising funds for Holly Hedge Animal Sanctury and Hounds for Heroe’s who give dogs to service men and women with c-PTSD – click here for more info and we will send once ready. 

Connection is key in creating structure in the chaos, let us help you, reach out.  

Do forward and share this blog to anyone it may help and join our Facebook Energised Free Support Group.

We are community of support, a business with tools to support change, enhance wellness and grow confidence, and a circle of friendship and kindness, you all matter.  

This month see’s me doing my Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs, having completed my Nutritional Advanced Sports Diploma, Reiki 2 & Covid Work Certificate.   It’s definitely intense!  However, it is my complete aim to learn more to offer a greater depth and set of skills to you all.  I have chosen a course which has modules in fascial work, trauma therapy, vagus nerve function and performance, as well as what you may think of around Yoga.  

We are hoping to open in person from mid-August, but waiting to hear Boris’s plans…… and your safety, health and care are our priority. So for now, online is working, effective and worth a go if you are unsure.

‘You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself’ Buddhist monk 

Find out more about what we do.

Watch my TEDx for tips to cope in adversity.

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So far we have raised over £1,000 which is amazing for these wonderful charities, it also takes our lifetime fundraising total to an incredible £86k!  100% of the support and donations are being given, and I am not taking anything time or cost wise, full circle of support, check them out and give them some love. 

NHS Together Charities 

British Red Cross 

The Trussel Trust  (Food Banks)

Southmead Hospital Charity