#WednesdayWorkout: Time to get on trend & hone the V Lines…Ready?


Bang on trend and featured in the Saturday Times Magazine… V Lines are the new 6 pack…they are the obliques or in simple terms the muscles that help to shape your waist… how are yours?  Like all stomach muscles and all muscles in your body they are hugely influenced by your nutrition, sleep, posture, stress, fun as well as your training.

Today’s Wednesday Workout is focused on targeting these muscles, warm up and give this a go: 

Hanging Leg Raise and Twist 

Side Plank (with Leg Raise & Pull to make it harder and more specified)

Side Lying Double Leg Raise

Russian Twist (with med ball)

Swiss Ball Dorsal Raise (add rotation to both sides)

Cable Rotations, high, mid and low angles

* Aim to 2-4 sets, 20reps or to fatigue with good techinque

* All functional exercises work the oblique muscles, yet these are just a few that will specifically target them.  Make sure you focus on engaging your core and that you have strong posture, and you are clear with the techniques before progressing with them.

 Love to know how you get on….

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