#WednesdayWorkout – 2 #FestiveFit HIIT & Core workouts

Plan key mini sessions into your diary and look out for our Advent Calender Core & Charity Raffle Calender coming soon… 🙂
Snow EP

In the meantime try this mini workouts, make sure you have warmed up thoroughly

Can you do these basic core moves with correct technique in Perfect Posture Part 2? It’s important to be able to do these exercises properly to avoid undue stress on your back before moving onto more advanced moves.
High Intensity Interval Training can be done using the following Swiss Ball exercises with skipping, jumping jacks or burpees in between to keep the heart rate up. For example, do each exercise for 40 seconds followed by a minute break then repeat all six exercises two more times.
For more clips go to Kim Ingleby’s page on YouTube www.youtube.com/kimingleby
Any support do ask and we look forward to helping you feel good 🙂