TRX, ViPR, Kettlebells …. what’s it all about?!






Photos in order: Flexi Bar, Kettbell, TRX with Swiss Ball, ViPR!

So what are all these words…. and why could we use a ViPR over a dunbell, or a TRX over a machine, or a Flexi Bar over a Power Plate…..?  All these pieces of kit are used to functionally train the body to improve muscular response, increase fat burn & metabolic rate, therefore increasing tone, strength, power, speed and much more depending on what you do with them!  All of them are suitable and adaptable for elite athletes, through all levels of training to GP referrals – they can be used indoors, outdoors, in small spaces, large spaces etc….! From mid May Energised will be running Small Group Training sessions using all these pieces of kit to enhance your training, fitness, fat burning and fun!  Intrigued?  Read on to find out more….

The newest piece of kit to hit the fitness industry is the ViPR which comes in rubber tubes in seven weights, from 4-20kg


What are the training benefits of ViPR?


ViPR uses the four pillars of human movement: gravity infused, stretch-to-shorten, tri-planar and integrated.


ViPR is designed to


  • provide an effective whole-body workout
  • build muscle and burn calories through strength and movement training
  • be versatile – it can be lifted, dragged, thrown, stepped on
  • be safe as it’s made from rubber
  • be suitable for all ages and abilities with weights ranging from 4kg to 20kg

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The TRX has been around for a while longer and is known for its unique suspension training which builds superior muscular balance, joint stability, mobility, and core strength helping you perform better in any sport. It also improves posture, strengthens abdominal muscles, increases tone and prevents injuries.


The TRX Suspension Trainer delivers greater functionality and versatility than large, expensive machines. Combine the exercises of a cable cross-over machine, a complete set of dumbbells, and a Swiss ball and you start to get an idea of what the TRX can do for your training!

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The Flexi Bar has been in the Energised Kit Bag for a while and will improve your posture, sports performance, stomach muscles and joint stability whilst also increasing your metabolic rate (fat burning) by 30%! Based on technology used by German Physiotherapists for 20 yrs, the benefits of the FLEXI-BAR include:


  • Effectively reduces all Back Pain and improves posture
  • Strengthens Connective Tissue, improves co-ordination & balance
  • Strengthens & Flattens Abdominals – can increase fat burning rate after exercise
  • Improves endurance & strength for Sport – rugby, skiing, tennis, running, swimming etc
  • Reduces the risk of injury & shortens rehab time – especially shoulders
  • Aids Post Pregnancy return to fitness
  • Can reduce stress, improve sleep and mood!

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And finally – stay with us – the Kettlebells.…they are  designed for intense all round training which makes them ideal for both men and women who are serious about getting into peak physical condition. They are great for burning fat effectively, getting strong and getting fit. The best bit is the workouts are short, intense and great fun!

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Small Group Training Sessions will start mid May with a max of 4-6 people to give you a great workout with support, guidance and coaching on technique. To register you interest, or find out more please contact us or call Kim on 07720 845849. To arrange a small group session for you and your team, or your friends please call us too!