The Minimalist Shoe Test Time….

I hope you have had a really good week. Yesterday I found out I am Bristol’s Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador (more about that next week!) and a parcel of two pairs of the new minimalist shoes arrived from Mizuno Running HQ (thank you)!  For the last few year’s I have been a neutral runner, and worn Mizuno Harrier’s, Riders and Ovations, it just happens that Mizuno’s love my feet.  So I am really excited to be testing their minimalist shoes.  Before I head out for a test run in them, I have a few pointers for people who may be thinking, they look pretty cool, let’s give them a go… 

Simple things people want to know… 

1. They don’t really like orthotics being put inside the,  as it kind of goes against what the shoe is doing 

2. To run minimalist takes time to adjust to the different running gait so you must be patience & consistent to reap the rewards

3. The stronger your core muscles (front, back and gluteals) the easier you will find the transition to ‘light weight’ running 

4. The more stable and functional your ankle, hips and mid back are the better:  stability discs, foam rollers and swiss balls, make them your friend 

5. Getting someone to assess your running style and bio mechanics really helps you spot imbalances that you may not even new existed 

6. Stronger, balanced leg muscles will help to propel you forwards in the right position 

7. Regular stretching, rolling and massage will help the transition from ‘normal’ running to minimalist 

8. Deciding you are going to ‘make the change’ and committing to do the correct training for at least three months 

There are so many thoughts, workshops and advice out there. I love bio mechanics and through my sports therapy really focus on getting people running efficiently and effectively, to increase their enjoyment and performance when they run, whatever their level.  Whilst I am a neutral runner, before I trained in sports therapy I had numerous niggles from chronic shin splints and a stress fracture, to a ganglian cysts in my knee! Yet since strengthening my body, core and stability I have run happily for a decade (!) and completed a couple of marathon’s and an Ironman last year. So whatever your ability, finding the right shoe is part of the solution to optimal running. 

As part of the Super UK Testing Team for Mizuno we are ‘road testing’ the minimalist shoes with the view to run Reading Half Marathon in them later in March.  Due to a few biopsy’s my running is a less than normal so I am beginning to test them on my shorter runs and functional strength training sessions.  Over the next few weeks I will be writing more about personally how I am getting on, and professionally about how to make the transition and what you need to focus, alternating between the two themes!  The first one was last week, with an over view on running technique, see the last blog for more information. 

If you have any questions please do let me know, and I look forward to sharing my minimalist (shoe!) experience with you. 

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