#LoveMeChallenge for Comic Relief, 21 Days, Get Involved & Spread the Word!

Our ‘Love Me’ Challenge is supporting YOU & Comic Relief, combining Lent, Easter & Spring Goals!  
Its a FREE Event, so Spread the #LoveMeChallenge and empower yourself & others to be their best, inside and out 
Your aim, if you choose to accept it is this…. for 21 days between 14th Feb – 15th March (Comic Relief) we would like you to set some mini goals which allow you to LOVE YOU more than ever before, allowing you to achieve your goals, and feel good, inside and out.  
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Short of Time Challenge: Anyone can do this… go for it..
1 positive word & 1 positive action every day for 21 days….
More Time Challenge:

Each day….

1. Eat at least 12 – 21 different things each day
2. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day
3. Move your body for 45mins each day
4. Have a positive word, picture or song for yourself every day which builds you self ‘love’
5. Do something every day that makes someone else smile, (or even better belly laugh!) even if it’s really small

Big Time Challenge:

For 21 Days…. 
1. Choose a goal that will enhance your life, big or little, just something that matters to you, write it down and make it happen
2. Choose something that you want to stop doing, that if you stop and change for something positive will help your health and well being 
3. Choose one thing you keep avoiding, but know will add value to your life and commit to begin doing it
4. Choose to eat a freshly cooked, natural healthy nutritious based foods and limit white refined carbohydrates, sugars and biscuits #FoodRev
5. If you find yourself using negative or limiting language, stop and switch it to something more positive – do something that makes you happy!
Write it down in a Journal, post it somewhere, take time with your thoughts and goals, and commit to making it happen. Remember, get out of your own way, and know that sometimes ‘lizarding’ (as we have termed it!), revitalising and taking time out is as important a goal as a big, active one, it just depends on your priorities and what is most important to you right now. 
Bristol based: Join us on Good Friday for our Big Charity Bootcamp, 8.30-10am 
Date for the diary: 17th May 2013 for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day 
Post on Twitter #LoveMeChallenge #Kimpossible @kimingleby 
Wishing you all a wonderful, happy weekend!  Get involved and spread the LOVE for Comic Relief….