Kim stars on GMTV!

As some of you know, Kim was recently approached by GMTV to record some material for them as a Fitness and Wellbeing Expert.  This morning Kim’s feature aired – a one minute summary entitled ‘Top to Toe’ in which Kim advises on how improving your posture can give you a beauty boost this Christmas, making you feel slimmer and more confident!

The feedback from this has been fantastic, and you can see the results for yourself by clicking below. (see Video Player to the right of the screen):

Click here to see Kim Ingleby’s GMTV ‘Top to Toe’ video

Remember to leave your comments on the GMTV website if you liked what you saw!  Kim thoroughly enjoyed working with GMTV and is currently in talks with them about the possibility of doing a feature in the New Year on fitness and weight loss on a budget!

If you think Kim can help you achieve your goals in 2009, please email Kim or call her on 07720 845 849.  Alternatively, visit the Courses and Events page to see which of the exciting things that Kim is doing might suit you!

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