Get Toned Abs and Better Posture with our Flexi Bar Course…


Feel fit and fabulous for the Autumn starting on Wednesday 15th September for 6 weeks @ 7.30pm….

** The Flexi Bar has featured in Daily Mail, Grazia and Bodyfit (For full feature article and plan using the Flexi Bar featuring our Head Coach purchase the September issue) magazine to give you great results – quickly and easily. Pioneered by German physiologists, the bar is light, effective and used by many sports people and celebrities looking for that edge in performance and/or appearance.  If you would like to try the Flexi Bar, and see the benefits yourself come and join us in Bristol for our 6 week course starting soon…..

This fantastic course is designed to help you become lighter, gain confidence and feel fabulous for the Autumn months, through a mixture of Flexi Bar, core and toning work as well as goal setting.  Always really popular, this course is challenging, gets good results and good fun! Suitable for anyone who wants to get fitter, leaner and feel more confident.

BOOK NOW – only 3 spaces left **

For more information, fitness editorial about the Flexi Bar and to book your place please visit the courses and events, or call Kim on 07720 845849.