Bristol to London 100mile Bike Ride…..?!!

Members of Team Energised seem to be interested in this challenge, whilst some have suggested that the train would be easier, I think it is a great idea and would love to know who is up for the challenge – at the moment there is one definate person who is looking for a few people to join the Team….. if you are interested just let us know!!

The Action 100 ride is on  Sunday 30th August and registration is £25, which goes to the charity Action Medical Research.

To find out more read below… and visit 

The Action 100 Bike Ride challenge is aimed at cyclists who are prepared to ride 100 miles in one day for charity, secure in the knowledge that all support is on hand to help participants complete the distance. In 2009, we were delighted to be working again with our sponsors, Barcan Woodward Solicitors.

The idea came from Brenda Dickinson, a fundraiser for Action Medical Research. She asked 100 riders to take part in a 100-mile bike ride and raise £100 each – and the first Action 100 Bike Ride was born.

Now, 28 years later, the ride is still going strong and a group of volunteers still organise this annual event to raise much needed funds for the charity. To date the ride has raised over £1 million and we have started to fundraise for our second £million!

To get involved with Team Energised why not come along to Italy on 3rd – 9th May 2009….  or enter the Race for Life and be part of something special – for all enquiries please contact Kim on 07720 845849 or fill in the contact forms on the homepage.  Have a great day in the sunshine!!