An inspirational lady turned GB athlete.. Mel Ryding….

Read this little Blog and follow these links for some inspiration that will make you realise that anyone can do it as Mel shows you how! So get out there and do it …. commit to making the changes….

Through Twitter I (@kimingleby Twitter name) met Mel Ryding (@nuttymel Twitter name!), through Matt Fisher (@m_j_fisher Twitter name) at the World Triathlon Championships in Budapest last week….

I am not sure what to say, aside from the fact that I developed Energised Performance fundamentally to help people feel good about themselves, to have confidence in themselves to believe they can do anything they want, and to enhance their performance in life and sport….. and to have Fun!

And this leads me to Mel! She is brilliant. 

A couple of years ago she did no fitness and ate a little too much…. and then things changed and last year, and this year she has represented GB at age group level in Australia and Budapest… now that is commitment, courage, change, confidence and focus!

So if you ever doubt yourself, or you are unsure if you can do it, remember this Blog and know that it is possible if you just focus on what you want, think towards the goals and let go of the past.… get a good support team, respect yourself, make small changes and you will be amazed what is possible..

To read more about Mel visit her fabulous website….. full of brilliant information, top tips etc – it really is worth a visit…..

And to read about her experience in Budapest at the Worlds visit:

And Mel if you are reading this… you are an awesome person – have confidence to keep looking forwards, you get what you focus on! I am excited for your future racing career and know some sponsors will be appearing soon :-)! Thank you for allowing me to work with you – it was and is a pleasure…

Happy winter training and everyone, go find a goal – share it – commit to it and let us know how you get on!

Good times.